Finished materials are made to the required specifications of our client keeping in mind the wrappers’ design aesthetics and machine compatibility, so as to provide for an attractive packaging solution at competitive prices.

1 Matt Finish Bopp Film / Met. Pet Film/ LLDPE Rice and Nuts
2 Matt Finish Bopp Film / Met. Pet Film/ LLDPE Rice and Nuts
3 Polyester Film / Met. Pet Film / LLDPE (3-5 layer poly) Food and Tomato Paste
4 Polyester Film / Paper / Poly Tea
5 Poly Coated Paper Tea
6 Alufoil / Paper / Hot Melt Adhesive Bubble Gum
7 Printed / Unprinted Wax Coated Paper in Roll Form Toffee & Camphor / Conventional Blades
8 Printed Wax Paper in Sheet Form Burger Wraps
9 4 Layer structure consisting of Board Paper Extrusion Poly + Paper + Extrusion Poly Food Items
10 Pet Film / Alu Foil/ LLDPE Shaving Gel/Tomato Paste
11 Bopp Film ( HS) / Paper/ Extrusion poly Laundry Soap ( Rin), Wheel etc
12 Poly Coated Paper ( poly coating single and both sides) Laundry Soap ( Rin), Wheel etc
13 BOPP Film / CPP film Soaps
14 Polyester Film / Paper / Hot melt Adhesive (printed outer wrapper) Toilet Soap
15 Polyester Film /Metallised Polyester Film /Paper/Hotmelt Adhesive Toilet Soap
16 Poly coated Anti Fungal Board Stiffner Paper (unprinted inner wrapper) Toilet Soap
17 Printed Eco-Friendly, Polyester-Free, non-laminated soap wrapper Toilet Soap

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